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  1) What is Pragati Buddy?
  Pragati Buddy is the project in which we are going to give various educational services to the students. Pragati Buddy project is a result of research done by the Parth group in order to help give guidance to students scientifically. This project can help urban as well as rural students choose their path. Under this project we are launching a career profiling test called ComPAS Now™.
  2) What is ComPAS Now?
  ComPAS Now stands for Competency Profiling and Assessment Service. It is an online psychometric test that assesses behavioural competencies of individuals and helps in choosing careers based on their strengths. Students can use the assessment to determine potential areas for higher studies or to identify careers that they will enjoy and therefore have a higher probability of success. For example, a person who has a natural ability to “find faults” may enjoy and succeed in a “testing” or “audit” or “Quality assurance” job but may not succeed in a job that requires high levels of “creativity”.
  3) How does ComPAS Now assess competencies? Is it scientific?

At ComPAS Now we profile, assess and predict the competency of people and match them against different job profiles and/or career options so that companies can hire them with confidence and/or they can be more confident in making a career choice. To do this, we pick up subconsciously repeated patterns in people. These patterns are specific, identifiable and repeated several times in different situations in people's life and work.
The patterns are, sometimes, differently referred to as Beliefs, Filters, or Mental Programming. The subconscious mind uses these patterns as a reference base for our actions, responses, judgments and decision making. If you have a pattern like, "I am a shy person", this will be expressed in all your actions and responses in related contexts in life as well as at the work place.

People do not like to change these patterns because they are comfortable with them, because their subconscious mind wants to keep them and fights vigorously to retain them forever. Any change in these patterns would mean a drastic revision of their behaviour and response system.

At ComPAS Now, we are able to identify the repeated patterns in people and group them into skills, characteristics and attitudes (competencies) that are required to do a particular job effectively or select a career that can slot them in the right profession at a later date.

  4) How reliable is the competency assessment by ComPAS NOW?
  ComPAS NOW uses Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools to pick up personal patterns of success and excellence in response, behaviour and thinking of individual students and match them with their future studies and career options. According to the science of NLP most of our responses in any given context are repeated patterns even though we might not be doing it consciously. For example, imagine yourself wearing a shirt. Do you insert your right hand or your left hand into the sleeve, first? If your answer is "Right Hand", one can predict with 100% accuracy that next time also, when you wear a shirt you will insert your right hand first. You may consciously try to change this pattern. But the moment you remove your conscious effort, your subconscious mind will take over and you are back to your normal response and behavior. These are nothing but patterns! Even the choice of words you use in your conversation is an unconscious process.

Hence the assessment can be 85-90% accurate, as we base it on subconsciously repeated patterns. 10-15% margin of error may be attributed to conscious awareness that can slightly change the pattern for a while.
  5) Can these subconscious patterns be manipulated?
  It is possible that a candidate gives a studied response consciously. But as those responses are not genuine, they can result in conflicting patterns which cannot co-exist in a person's day-to-day life. ComPAS Now can identify these conflicting responses and furnish you with an inconsistency report.
  6) As a student, how can I benefit from ComPAS Now?
  Students can benefit immensely as the test will help you to:
- Identify your overall strengths and weaknesses
- Choose a career with your own attributes, attitudes and skills
- Guide individual career development
  7) At what age can I take this test?
  Anyone at the from age of 11 to 25 can take this test.
  8) What kind of preparation is required to take this test?
  You only need to relax and think about your present situation in life to answer the questions. No special preparation is needed to take the test. Remember that there are no wrong answers. The choices you make are right for you.
  9) How many attempts do I get?
  Since this test looks for patterns, you will need to complete the test in one sitting.
  10) Do I need to have advanced computer skills to take this test?
  Participants should have basic computer skills to attempt this test. Participant should be able to navigate through the test using mouse and keyboard.
  11) What is the passing score in this test?
  There is no passing score. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions as they are based on the life’s experience of the individual. The answers pick up only the strengths, weaknesses and other personality factors of the individual.
  12) What is the duration of the test?
  There is no fixed time duration to complete the test. You can take the time you need to complete the test. It normally takes 45-60 minutes to complete.
  13) How often should I take the test?
  As the person grows in experience and acquires more skills, the result can change over a period of time: the basic traits can either get reinforced or undergo some changes due to the interference of the environment and the situations in which s/he interacts and responds. We recommend that you take the test at least once a year to see the progress you are making.
  14) Will someone help me understand the test results?
  There is a detailed description on ‘how to read the report’.
  15) Will I receive a certificate after taking the test?
  Participant will receive a comprehensive report of competencies but not a certificate.
  16) In what languages is the test available?
  For participants enrolling through Pragati Buddy, the test is available in English, Marathi and Hindi.
  17) Where should I go for this test?
  Enter your details to enquiry box and we will provide you all the details
  18) How to identify Pragati Buddy center
  Give us Missed call on 83 84 85 86 85
  19) How to register?
  Visit Pragati Buddy center → Counselling → Pay Fees → Confirm Test Time & Date
July, 2014
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