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For Whom? What it is? Why it is? Where to apply?
  For Whom?
  • 5th Standard to 9th Standard: Emerging Strength Analysis Report
• 10th Standard & Above: Career Assessment Report
  What it is?
  This test is of minimum duration and you do not have to study any particular syllabus for giving the test. Answering this test honestly in itself will help evaluating your nature, basic characteristics and interests.

After the test you will get an instant report in the form of a guiding booklet. This report will give you a fair idea of the field in which you would be more successful.
  1) Emerging strength analysis report
. Emerging strengths of the child
The characteristics included in "The Emerging Strengths" are descriptions of basic patterns in the personality which the child is already exhibiting.
. Personal intelligence score
The Personal Intelligence Score is an overall numerical indication of the relative ability of the child to think, analyse, reason, respond, interact and solve problems.
. Assessment and description of the developing skill sets.
Overall numerical indication of the relative ability of the child to think, analyze, reason, respond, interact and solve problems.
. Recommendation
Tentative options for further studies and future careers also suggest the studies which need to be avoided.
  2) Career Assessment Report
. General Strengths
It gives information about the strength and qualities of the candidate
. Top Competencies
Competencies are combinations of several basic patterns coming together to create specific abilities.
. Competency Description
Competencies in detail description
. Career Options
Best 30- 40 career options for the candidates
. Careers to be Avoided
Weaknesses or the career that should be avoided are given in the report
  Why it is?
Neuro: Our nervous system through which our brain receives and processes information leading to learning and creativity. .
Linguistic: Language and non-verbal communication systems through which we communicate with ourselves and others leading to self-expression.
Programming: The ability to modify our mental programming and change the behavior to achieve specific desired goals and results.
Brain contains millions of neurons
Brain works with these neurons
The patterns of neurons are based on thoughts
Thoughts are responsible for actions
Actions are responsible for the habits, competencies and behavior.
  Where to apply?
  We have our Pragati Buddy centers in Maharashtra and Rajasthan.
. Give Miss Call on 83 84 85 86 85 & Find the nearest Pragati Buddy Center.
. Visit the Pragati Buddy Center for registration.
. Pay Fees and start your test series!
July, 2014
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